Alan Carr's 'Life's a Beach' podcastAlan Carr’s ‘Life’s a Beach’1.
A Race Around the World: Based on the True Adventures of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland podcastA Race Around the World: Based on the True Adventures of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland2.
Cities through the centuries podcastCities through the centuries3.
Dwelling podcastDwelling4.
Journey To The Magic podcastJourney To The Magic5.
Love Thy Neighbourhood podcastLove Thy Neighbourhood6.
Lowlines podcastLowlines7.
Mind The Gap: Tube 160 podcastMind The Gap: Tube 1608.
Pack Your Bags podcastPack Your Bags9.
Scottish Island Adventures podcastScottish Island Adventures10.
Sharing Plate podcastSharing Plate11.
The Adventure PodcastThe Adventure Podcast12.
The Travel Diaries podcastThe Travel Diaries13.
Abroad in Japan podcastAbroad in Japan14.
Amateur Traveler Travel PodcastAmateur Traveler Travel Podcast15.
City of the Rails podcastCity of the Rails16.
Destination Eat Drink on Radio Misfits podcastDestination Eat Drink on Radio Misfits17.
Deviate with Rolf Potts podcastDeviate with Rolf Potts18.
Eggsplorations podcastEggsplorations19.
Expedition Enthused: A Theme Park PodcastExpedition Enthused: A Theme Park Podcast20.
Field Trip podcastField Trip21.
Friday Candy: The PodcastFriday Candy: The Podcast22.
Lost Cultures: Living Legacies podcastLost Cultures: Living Legacies23.
Not Lost podcastNot Lost24.
Off the Beaten Jack podcastOff the Beaten Jack25.
Offsite Adventures podcastOffsite Adventures26.
Personal Landscapes podcastPersonal Landscapes27.
Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravelTakeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel28.
That Tracks Podcast With Tim and NickThat Tracks Podcast With Tim and Nick29.
The Atlas Obscura PodcastThe Atlas Obscura Podcast30.

The best Travel podcasts UK

You will find nothing but the best travel podcasts that give you entertainment and relevant knowledge for your next journey in this category. They will advise you on scheduling travels well, the best destinations to visit, and the appropriate agencies to use. In addition, leading authorities on travel who share their travel experiences are invited more often than not. They reveal the experiences that shaped them and their most unforgettable encounters.

These podcasts about travel offer inspiration and tips on creating and maintaining a travelling culture. Invited guests highlight their experiences living abroad and what the traveller should do or avoid to have a wonderful experience. Best-selling authors also host programs where they review their books, interact with fans and guide aspiring travellers on the best way to do things. A great example is Travel with Rick Steves, hosted by the leading authority on travel in Europe.

Adventurers from around the globe tell their tales and give inspiring, action-packed, and thrilling stories. Authors, travellers, and journalists reveal the best places to visit and feature some of the world’s best landscapes. Food experts also talk about various cuisines from different parts of the world. You will interact with some of the best delicacies abroad and learn how to prepare and serve them.

Listeners of travel podcasts also get to learn about paying off debts, living and building wealth abroad. You learn how to handle your money while abroad and the proper ways to invest, if possible. Leading travel experts such as Peter Moore also feature the highs and lows of independent travel. The advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone and without a travel agency are available.

Last but not least, the podcasts for travel talk about language barriers and how they affect the journeys one might make. Explorers are interviewed on their epic journeys and how it felt to be in a new country for the first time. This gives space to amazing stories, such as the one featuring two visually impaired cyclists who completed a 16,000-mile journey from Argentina to Alaska.