Normal Women podcastNormal Women1.
Tortoise Investigates podcastTortoise Investigates2.
Gangster podcastGangster3.
The Missing podcastThe Missing4.
World of Secrets podcastWorld of Secrets5.
Bed of Lies podcastBed of Lies6.
Call Bethel podcastCall Bethel7.
Con Juan podcastCon Juan8.
Cotton Capital podcastCotton Capital9.
Death by Conspiracy? podcastDeath by Conspiracy?10.
Deepest Dive: The Search for MH370 podcastDeepest Dive: The Search for MH37011.
Disaster Trolls podcastDisaster Trolls12.
Dwelling podcastDwelling13.
Dynamite Doug podcastDynamite Doug14.
Gateway: Cocaine, Murder, & Dirty Money in Europe podcastGateway: Cocaine, Murder, & Dirty Money in Europe15.
Good Bad Billionaire podcastGood Bad Billionaire16.
Hot Money: Who Rules Porn? podcastHot Money: Who Rules Porn?17.
How To Destroy Everything podcastHow To Destroy Everything18.
I'm Not Here To Hurt You podcastI’m Not Here To Hurt You19.
Kabul Falling podcastKabul Falling20.
Letters From A Killer podcastLetters From A Killer21.
Londongrad podcastLondongrad22.
Putin podcastPutin23.
Spy Valley: An Engineer's Nuclear Betrayal podcastSpy Valley: An Engineer’s Nuclear Betrayal24.
The Bias Diagnosis podcastThe Bias Diagnosis25.
The Documentary PodcastThe Documentary Podcast26.
The Fighty Pucks podcastThe Fighty Pucks27.
The Gift podcastThe Gift28.
The Lockdown Files podcastThe Lockdown Files29.
The Prince podcastThe Prince30.

The best Documentary podcasts UK

Do you love to understand the scientific explanation behind everyday issues? Do you love to learn about specific topics in-depth? If the answer is yes, this is the right place for you. Here you will find the best podcast documentaries to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

You will find podcasts produced by great documentary makers such as National Geographic, the BBC or The History Channel. In addition, you will discover independent shows with no waste. As a documentaries lover, you will appreciate every minute of the podcasts in this category.

It’s never too late to start enjoying documentary podcasts. Here you will find all the content you need to get started and learn more daily.

If you are already a fan, you can discover new shows that will keep surprising you. So get ready for a journey of knowledge.