The Rest is Entertainment podcastThe Rest is Entertainment1.
Blood is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings podcastBlood is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings2.
Kermode & Mayo’s Take podcastKermode & Mayo’s Take3.
Taskmaster The PodcastTaskmaster The Podcast4.
That Was Us podcastThat Was Us5.
The Detective and the Log Lady: A Twin Peaks PodcastThe Detective and the Log Lady: A Twin Peaks Podcast6.
3 Body Podcast3 Body Podcast7.
A Very British Horror podcastA Very British Horror8.
All The Right Movies: A Movie PodcastAll The Right Movies: A Movie Podcast9.
Dead By Dawn: An Evil Dead PodcastDead By Dawn: An Evil Dead Podcast10.
Dragoncast - Home of House of the Dragon podcastDragoncast – Home of House of the Dragon11.
Enemy In Paris podcastEnemy In Paris12.
Film Stories with Simon Brew podcastFilm Stories with Simon Brew13.
Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH podcastFirecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH14.
Gun and Wand: The Official Companion PodcastGun and Wand: The Official Companion Podcast15.
Have You Seen? podcastHave You Seen?16.
Hypnogoria podcastHypnogoria17.
IGN UK PodcastIGN UK Podcast18.
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review podcastKermode and Mayo’s Film Review19.
Love Island: The Morning After podcastLove Island: The Morning After20.
Midsomer Murders Mayhem podcastMidsomer Murders Mayhem21.
Obsessed With... podcastObsessed With…22.
Off The Telly podcastOff The Telly23.
On The Record with Chloe B podcastOn The Record with Chloe B24.
Pop Apologists podcastPop Apologists25.
Reel Talk with Honey & Jonathan Ross podcastReel Talk with Honey & Jonathan Ross26.
Scarred for Life podcastScarred for Life27.
Sequelisers podcastSequelisers28.
The Bachelor Of Buckingham Palace podcastThe Bachelor Of Buckingham Palace29.
The Crown: Fact or Fiction podcastThe Crown: Fact or Fiction30.

The best TV & film podcasts UK

Here, you will find the best TV commentary shows, which bring you insider info and are behind the scenes of famous movies and TV shows. You will also find podcasts about movies. These shows feature and analyse the most interesting British films ever made. They analyse the movies in-depth and give conclusive and informed opinions. Some of them invite filmmakers throughout the UK, their supporters and the stakeholders of the film industry. The A24 Podcast is one such.

These wholesome shows cover all your film needs. They keep you updated on the newest releases, big and small, and give a review that lets you know if they are worth your time or not. Of course, the stories behind popular Productions are aired as well.

The podcasts about film dig deep into the happenings before the movie or series is finally released to the public. These pods cover every inch of activity, from releases nearly falling apart to funny facts behind the scenes. A good example is Films To Be Buried With by Brett Goldstein. It features several films, and the comedian (host) goes all the way into the life and death of movies.

Celebrities and famous actors are also invited for interviews. Over the conversations, we learn how and why they landed their particular roles in their favourite movies and the hurdles they’ve passed to get to where they are. Some of the best movie podcasts discuss which are the best and worst movies ever. The hosts are hilarious and do this in a humorous way that will keep you glued to your seat.

Last but not least, there are podcasts about filmmaking. The hosts teach the whole process, from casting to release. They invite accomplished movie directors and producers who add to the already-known content. They give us the exact steps taken and the qualifications one needs to have to join the filmmaking industry. The Director’s Guild of America presents The Director’s Cut, which features different directors in each and every episode. They discuss the taxing yet rewarding process of creating films.

Nothing but the best podcasts about movies are included in this movies podcast category. Fans and movie lovers learn of films from the best shows in the game.