Glad We Had This Chat with Caroline Hirons podcastGlad We Had This Chat with Caroline Hirons1.
The Sam & Billie Show podcastThe Sam & Billie Show2.
The Stitch Up podcastThe Stitch Up3.
Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain podcastAnything Goes with Emma Chamberlain4.
Breaking Beauty PodcastBreaking Beauty Podcast5.
Dressed: The History of Fashion podcastDressed: The History of Fashion6.
Fool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee podcastFool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee7.
Forever35 podcastForever358.
Gals on the Go podcastGals on the Go9.
Giggly Squad podcastGiggly Squad10.
Life with Marianna podcastLife with Marianna11.
Lipstick on the Rim podcastLipstick on the Rim12.
Style-ish podcastStyle-ish13.
The Retro Wet Shaving PodcastThe Retro Wet Shaving Podcast14.
The Undressing Room Podcast Presented by Macy’sThe Undressing Room Podcast Presented by Macy’s15.

The best Fashion podcasts UK

The fashion podcasts here are an excellent way to stay updated with the latest trends, styles, and haute couture. From chic silhouettes and vintage textiles and designers to stylists tips, models stories, or celebrity gossip, there’s surely a podcast for you.
From runway reviews to interviews with industry professionals, you will learn about the creative process and hear directly from the experts, including fashion editors and influencers. Whether you’re seeking styling tips or advice on the best accessories for any occasion, there’s a show tailored to your personal style. Let’s check some of them.

Top episodes for fashion addicts

To start, Breaking Beauty Podcast, hosted by two seasoned beauty editors, offers a weekly dive into industry secrets, celebrity makeup tips, and product reviews. With a different tone, Dressed: The History of Good Fashion cracks the fascinating social and cultural histories of attire, exploring why we wear what we wear. But if you want a touch of wellness and self-care, tune into Forever35, where hosts Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir discuss everything from skincare routines to bigger spiritual questions as they age. If you want to know everything about the garment industry, Style-ish touches on fashion’s business and branding side. Lastly, for those who enjoy spirited discussions on pop culture and fashion, The Undressing Room Podcast, presented by Macy’s, offers a lively weekly exchange on the latest in celebrity and fashion news.
These shows are essential for any listener willing to know everything about the dynamic world of fashion and beauty. So why not start listening?