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Bloomberg podcasts

Bloomberg, a renowned name in finance and media, has ventured into the podcasting arena with an impressive lineup of over 20 podcasts. These shows span a variety of topics, including business, finance, economics, politics, technology, healthcare, and sports, each offering insightful analysis and engaging storytelling.
Among their standout offerings, In Trust digs into the turbulent history of the Osage Nation, linking past events to current American issues. Elon, Inc. offers weekly insights into Elon Musk’s vast business empire, dissecting its global implications. For finance enthusiasts, Odd Lots explores intriguing economic topics, while Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried narrates a crypto magnate’s dramatic ascent and descent.
Bloomberg’s entry into podcasting reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality, informative content. Their blend of historical, political, and financial storytelling caters to a broad audience, further establishing Bloomberg as a multifaceted powerhouse in digital media.