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Somethin’ Else, established in 1991, is a leader in making high-quality podcasts. With teams in New York, Los Angeles, and London, they combine a symphony of creative hosts, top journalists, and skilled producers to develop a diverse range of original podcasts. Part of Sony Music Entertainment’s podcast division, they also make podcasts for big companies and broadcasters like the BBC. Somethin’ Else continues Sony’s legacy of centering creativity, now channeling it into building a world-class premium podcast business.
They’re known for exciting podcasts like Death of an Artist, about a mystery in the art world; Shrink The Box, where TV characters are analyzed psychologically; and The Immaculate Deception, a documentary about a controversial fertility doctor. Each podcast is a testament to Somethin’ Else’s commitment to excellence, solidifying their status as an award-winning leader in the podcast industry.