Stuff You Should Know podcastStuff You Should Know1.
10 for Teens + Tweens podcast10 for Teens + Tweens2.
Grown, a podcast from The MothGrown, a podcast from The Moth3.
Radiolab podcastRadiolab4.
Song Exploder podcastSong Exploder5.
Startalk podcastStartalk6.
Stuff you missed in history class podcastStuff you missed in history class7.
TED Talks Daily podcastTED Talks Daily8.
The Moth podcastThe Moth9.
Welcome to Night Vale podcastWelcome to Night Vale10.

The best Podcasts for teens UK

Here, you will find a collection of excellent podcasts for teens. While some of these podcasts are specifically designed with teenagers in mind, others, like trivia and storytelling shows, are designed for a general audience but actually resonate with this younger audience. The charm of the podcasts for teens lies in their ability to blend entertainment with education, offering a mix that appeals to teenagers’ curious and dynamic nature. From discussions on personal growth to explorations of scientific phenomena, these podcasts provide a platform where teens can explore various topics in an environment tailored to their interests and developmental stage.
Among the standout podcasts in this category is 10 for Teens + Tweens, a creation by Empowerful Girls. Host Stephanie Valdez packs powerful themes into 10-minute episodes, focusing on building confidence, compassion, and curiosity. Then there’s The Moth, which celebrates the art of storytelling with its unique blend of documentary and theatre. For those interested in ideas that shape our world, TED Talks Daily brings insights from diverse experts. Young music enthusiasts will find Song Exploder fascinating as it digs into the stories behind popular songs. But there’s more, Stuff You Missed in History Class, makes learning history fun and engaging. You will also find Radiolab, a deep dive into scientific subjects with a mix of sound effects and music, making science enjoyable and accessible. Each of these podcasts, and many more, in their own way, enriches the podcasts for teens’ category, making it a great collection of knowledge and entertainment for young listeners.