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Lemonada podcasts

Life and all its twists and turns can sometimes be worse than expected. Unfortunately, this can be common for nearly everyone, and almost half the population of America says they feel lonely. But life is given once, so why should people continue living like that?

Stephanie Wittels Wax and Jessica Cordova Kramer, the creative forces behind Lemonada, know this all too well. Unfortunately, both passed through the most challenging situations. In 2015, Steph lost her brother, beloved comedian Harris Wittels, to a heroin overdose. And in 2017, Jess lost her newlywed brother, Stefano Cordova Jr., to a fentanyl overdose.

Steph and Jess met, and being surprised at how much their stories and pain were the same, they decided to create Lemonada. This women-run podcast network shares an unfiltered version of the human experience. Lemonada is intended to show people that they are not alone and some people share the same pain as them.

The audience will laugh, cry and feel with them – often simultaneously. Listeners will also find their people. Lemonada features first-person narratives that continue to live thanks to an engaged community.

Lemonada sorts out all the ugliness, weirdness, awkwardness, and darkness that life can throw at you. So that you can stop living without wearing those pink glasses.