A Book with Legs podcastA Book with Legs1.
Book Chat podcastBook Chat2.
Books and Authors podcastBooks and Authors3.
Frank Skinner's Poetry PodcastFrank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast4.
Help Hole with Sofie Hagen and Abby Wambaugh podcastHelp Hole with Sofie Hagen and Abby Wambaugh5.
Sara & Cariad's Weirdos Book Club podcastSara & Cariad’s Weirdos Book Club6.
The Booker Prize PodcastThe Booker Prize Podcast7.
The Graham Norton Book Club podcastThe Graham Norton Book Club 8.
The Graham Norton Book Club (Series 3) podcastThe Graham Norton Book Club (Series 3)9.
The Graham Norton Book Club (Series 5) podcastThe Graham Norton Book Club (Series 5)10.
The Graham Norton Book Club (Series 6) podcastThe Graham Norton Book Club (Series 6)11.
The Island of Brilliant! podcastThe Island of Brilliant!12.
The Queen's Reading Room PodcastThe Queen’s Reading Room Podcast13.
The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling podcastThe Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling14.
TWICE UPON A TIME (with Janet Ellis) podcastTWICE UPON A TIME (with Janet Ellis)15.
You're Booked podcastYou’re Booked16.
Book Club for Kids podcastBook Club for Kids17.
Books, Beach, & Beyond podcastBooks, Beach, & Beyond18.
DealBook Summit podcastDealBook Summit19.
If Books Could Kill podcastIf Books Could Kill20.
Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci podcastOpen Book with Anthony Scaramucci21.
Read with Jenna podcastRead with Jenna22.
The Reading Culture podcastThe Reading Culture23.
Velshi Banned Book Club podcastVelshi Banned Book Club24.

The best Book podcasts UK

Dive into the book podcast scene, where each episode is a new adventure into literature. Here, you’ll discover podcasts that do more than review books. They change how we engage with stories and cover everything from fresh fiction to classic novels: these shows go beyond the page with deep literary analysis and exciting interviews. But let’s check some of the book podcasts you will find here.

Start with Books, Beach, & Beyond, where hosts Elin Hilderbridge and Tim Ehrenberg chat with authors and bibliophiles. Or join Jordan Lloyd Bookey on The Reading Culture to learn about the world of stories and their impact. Each podcast celebrates books of different genres and how they bring us together.

Listen to authors and publishers

If you like more fun stuff, If Books Could Kill, hosted by Michael Hobbes and Peter Shamshiri, offers a great comedic critique on bestsellers. You can also get a good laugh with Help Hole as Sofie Hagen and Abby Wambaugh offer a funny take on self-help books.

For more intellectual angles, Read with Jenna is a great pod to listen to many different authors, and Ali Velshi’s Velshi Banned Book Club explores the tales behind banned books, revealing stories that are often missed.

More podcasts for your bookshelf

If you like some more specific angles, A Book with Legs by Cole Smead focuses on books with financial insights, and Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci gathers diverse minds to discuss influential reads.

From funny approaches to in-depth discussions, there’s a podcast about books here for all readers. Whether you love mysteries, non-fiction, or fantasy, this category has something for you. It’s more than just listening to books; it’s about experiencing them in new ways, making this place feel like your own personal library corner.