5 types of podcasts: Which one is for you?

While web pages, blogs and YouTube channels seem saturated, and it is almost impossible to be original and do something new there, podcasting is a field with a lot of room for newcomers.

So it is logical to wonder if he should make a podcast. Here we review different uses and advantages that creating a podcast can give you at a professional level.

Corporate podcast

This is a type of podcast that you can use for your company or work environment. For example, companies need to do more and more employer branding, especially in specific or highly competitive areas.

Corporations need to be known for prioritizing human resources. They do this by paying attention to the employees’ satisfaction, guarding for satisfying and rewarding work relationships, giving bonuses and benefits and promoting their commitment.

remote work team podcast

Companies use the most varied tools, such as having spaces for employees to share a talk, flexible hours or corporate newsletters.

Since the Covid crisis, the field of human resources has changed with the speed of light because many companies are reducing their offices and asking their employees to work from home, partially or fully. Shorter face-to-face weeks and remote work are part of the new scene.

Co-workers’ bonding and company commitment are more complex than before, and after eight hours in front of the screen, reading a company newsletter does not sound like a plan.

But listening to the podcast made by our colleagues while we exercise or cook (or work) may not seem so bad, and it is an exciting and entertaining way to get our team a little closer and more enthusiastic.

Podcast for inbound marketing

Not everyone has the skills, time and production to consistently make this type of content. Therefore, if you are one of those who have the skills to make a podcast, you can stand out from your competitors.

Inbound marketing podcast

Podcasting is the perfect opportunity to connect with people who want to know about your market branch. You can use your program to explain topics related to your industry, answer users’ questions and show your knowledge. Podcasting is, in this sense, the best media for content marketing.

Another exciting feature is the podcaster network, giving you access to a broader audience through your guests. Again, podcasting gives you the perfect opportunity to network. You can have another podcaster as a guest if they have some exciting content or point of view to add to your program. Indeed they will promote that interview on their social network and thus spread your show to a new audience for you.

Podcast for your personal brand

If you have a personal brand, then a podcast can be a great ally to reinforce it. Your followers will probably spend more time listening to you, mainly while doing “something else”, like commuting or going to the gym or jogging.

This gives you a unique and precious time to be present for a long time with them and to promote a deep connection with them. In addition, if you are consistent with your frequency (say weekly or biweekly or even monthly), your followers will wait for your podcast, and you will be part of their agenda.

Influencers have already colonized all the leading social media, but there is still room in the podcasting field. There is another difference between most social media and podcasts: the last requires specific curation and editing, very different from what media based on images (Instagram) or text (Linkedin or Twitter) demand.

Performance & fiction podcasts

If you are a writer, actor, musician or comedian, you can show what you do best here. Podcasting is perfect for storytelling, drama, and comedy. There are successful true crime shows where storytellers can show off while unfolding these non-fiction stories, working in suspense, drama, or comedy.

Fiction productions feature top-notch scriptwriters, excellent sound effects, and voice actors. These programs revive what radio theatre was in the days of our grandparents.

In the heyday of science fiction and immersive experiences, you can join this trend without resorting to images and appealing even more to the imagination with an audio drama.

On the other hand, podcasting is ideal for comedy and stand-up; comedy podcasts are top-rated, and they have great comedy stars and a vast audience.

Science podcasts

Podcasting is a perfect space for scientific communication. Since the rise of social networks and the web and the decline of printed media, things have changed for scientific communication. Although part of it could catch up with the times by writing blogs or building websites, not everyone could follow the hype. Websites require increasingly sophisticated design and programming to stay competitive. Younger scientists, generally supported or associated with designers, have managed to get onto social media.

science podcast

Podcasting is a perfect ground for scientific communication. You can make a podcast about any topic, and there is still much room and audience for it.

When we decide to listen to podcasts, we cautiously select a show based on our mood at a particular time. Then, we calculate the duration according to the time we have available for listening; we prepare to dedicate half an hour, one hour, or two hours to a program.

Podcasts require that we concentrate more, that we sharpen our attention and that we think abstractly. For all these reasons, podcasting is the best web media for science right now.

Now you know some of the most exciting categories to start a podcast and boom your audience this year. So which one is the best option for you?


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