Hollywood Exiles podcastHollywood Exiles1.
The People Vs J Edgar Hoover podcastThe People Vs J Edgar Hoover2.
America: A History PodcastAmerica: A History Podcast3.
American Filth podcastAmerican Filth4.
American History Hit podcastAmerican History Hit6.
American History Tellers podcastAmerican History Tellers7.
American Scandal podcastAmerican Scandal8.
An Old Timey PodcastAn Old Timey Podcast9.
Bag Man podcastBag Man10.
Black History, For Real podcastBlack History, For Real11.
Blindspot podcastBlindspot12.
Blowback podcastBlowback13.
City of the Rails podcastCity of the Rails14.
Contempt of Court with Elie Mystal podcastContempt of Court with Elie Mystal15.
Cover Up: The Anthrax Threat podcastCover Up: The Anthrax Threat16.
Drapetomaniax: Unshackled History podcastDrapetomaniax: Unshackled History17.
Field Trip podcastField Trip18.
Founding Son: John Quincy's America podcastFounding Son: John Quincy’s America19.
Harlem Is Everywhere podcastHarlem Is Everywhere20.
History on Trial podcastHistory on Trial21.
Holy Week podcastHoly Week22.
Hometown History podcastHometown History23.
Jack podcastJack25.
Journalista podcastJournalista26.
Landslide podcastLandslide27.
Letters from an American podcastLetters from an American28.
Long Shadow podcastLong Shadow29.
Master Plan podcastMaster Plan30.

The best American history podcasts UK

This podcast category offers a window into the national past, with many styles, topics, and approaches, from heavily researched stories told by respected historians to comedies that make history a lot of fun. Let’s have a look at some of the best American history podcasts that you can find here.
Some podcasts, like American Scandal, dig into the darker sides of America’s past, reveal the impact of scandals involving prominent figures and the consequences of ambition and deceit. On a broader scale, American History Tellers, also hosted by Lindsay Graham, explores the pivotal events and ideals that defined the nation and connects historical events directly to the present.
Other shows explore American history through unique lenses. For example, America: A History Podcast digs into cultural and political history, making complex topics accessible to all. Meanwhile, Blowback and Long Shadow study specific historical narratives that continue to influence modern politics and society, like the rise of extremism and America’s international relations. Last but definitely not least, The Dollop mixes history and comedy and it’s an entertaining way to learn about our past.
There are many more history podcasts to explore with diverse styles, and each of them offers a unique way to engage with American history.