Podcast for education

Today most of us are constantly using digital visual content. We spend much of our time on screens, whether for work, study or entertainment.

Moving to audio content is essential to refresh from visual fatigue. This is where podcasts come into play. We will tell you below how this media can be an incredible tool for learning.

Why should I use podcasts in class?

Podcasts are on the rise worldwide. Listening to podcasts is a new way of learning while having fun. This makes podcasts a perfect supplement to other class materials and teaching methods.

Advantages of using podcasts in the classroom

  • Many podcasts focus on a specific subject. For example, there are podcasts about World War II and podcasts dedicated to ancient times. 
  • Listening to podcasts is usually free; you can download or listen to them online. You can also play only a fragment of an episode and speed up or slow down your playback.
  • Podcasts can trigger unique mental images in each listener, stimulating mental activity and debate with the students. 
  • Podcasts can offer immersive experiences, ideal for connecting students to the class subject. 
  • Great audio content can amuse students with issues traditionally not attractive to them.

How do I use the podcast in the classroom?

You are probably convinced about using a podcast in the classroom. Still, you may also be wondering how to do it. So, we will give you some ideas to make the most out of it.

Curate content

You can find podcasts about any topics you have to teach in class. Be it a history podcast, a math podcast, a biology podcast, or any subject.

  • You can find the right podcast by searching by category or using keywords.
  • Once you find the podcasts you like, you can search for the episodes you want for your class using keywords. 
  • Save your preferred episodes.
  • Listen to the selected episodes, compare style and points of view, and take notes about the duration and time of the most essential parts. 

Discussions around the topic

Listening to a podcast can help to understand a specific topic. 

You can propose a group listening to an episode and then discussing and debating. You can also ask as homework to listen to the episode and then discuss it in class. 

Listening to a podcast can be very useful. Still, the debate is always significant to guarantee learning and comprehension. 

You can supplement the listening and debate with a written assignment, for example, writing an essay based on listening.

Attractive for students 

Although podcasts were born at the beginning of this century, they have got popular only recently. That’s why it’s a trendy hot media that can attract students. 


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