Frosted Festivities (Part 2) Frosted Tips with Lance Bass

About Lance Bass

Born in 1979, Lance Bass is a multi-talented American singer, dancer, actor, and podcast host. Rising to stardom as the bass singer for the famed pop boy band NSYNC, he leveraged this success into acting and producing, with credits including the 2001 film On the Line. Beyond music and film, Bass ventured into space tourism, undergoing intensive cosmonaut training with NASA and the Russian Space Program. However, a planned mission to the International Space Station was thwarted by financial challenges. In 2006, Bass proudly came out as gay in People magazine, earning the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award later that year. He also penned a New York Times bestselling autobiography, Out of Sync. Now, Bass brings his rich tapestry of experiences to his new podcast, Frosted Tips. Join him as he takes you on a journey through pop culture, space dreams, and personal truths.