Things Fell Apart podcastThings Fell Apart1.
A Very British Cult podcastA Very British Cult2.
Bed of Lies podcastBed of Lies3.
Believe in Magic podcastBelieve in Magic4.
Death by Conspiracy? podcastDeath by Conspiracy?6.
Death of a Codebreaker podcastDeath of a Codebreaker7.
Filthy Ritual podcastFilthy Ritual8.
Londongrad podcastLondongrad9.
Londongrad: Iran's Hit Squads podcastLondongrad: Iran’s Hit Squads10.
Love Bombed podcastLove Bombed11.
Spy Valley: An Engineer's Nuclear Betrayal podcastSpy Valley: An Engineer’s Nuclear Betrayal12.
Sweet Bobby podcastSweet Bobby13.
The Bias Diagnosis podcastThe Bias Diagnosis14.
The Lazarus Heist podcastThe Lazarus Heist15.
The Secret History of Flight 149 podcastThe Secret History of Flight 14916.
The Trojan Horse Affair podcastThe Trojan Horse Affair17.
American Scandal podcastAmerican Scandal18.
Bad Blood: The Final Chapter podcastBad Blood: The Final Chapter19.
Bag Man podcastBag Man20.
Bear Brook podcastBear Brook21.
Blowback podcastBlowback22.
Bone Valley podcastBone Valley23.
Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen podcastChameleon: Hollywood Con Queen24.
Chameleon: Scam Likely podcastChameleon: Scam Likely25.
Chameleon: Wild Boys podcastChameleon: Wild Boys26.
CounterClock podcastCounterClock27.
Fiasco: Vigilante podcastFiasco: Vigilante28.
Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera podcastHarsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera29.
In The Dark podcastIn The Dark30.

The best Investigative podcasts UK

Investigative journalism podcasts discover hidden truths behind stories, some you might have seen in the headlines and some unfairly forgotten. They mix meticulous research with compelling storytelling, offering insights into complex issues and historical events, transforming listeners into detectives on a quest for understanding and revelation in each episode.
In this collection of the best investigative podcasts, each series unfolds like a novel, cracking intricate mysteries across full seasons. This category is right for those who enjoy the thrills of investigative journalism, offering diverse shows spanning the gamut from political scandals to social injustices. Imagine immersing yourself in narratives that keep you at the edge of your seat, where each episode peels back another layer of the story, revealing truths often stranger than fiction.
Take, for instance, Slow Burn and Bag Man, each a masterpiece in its own right within the investigative podcasts world. These shows transport you through time and space to witness pivotal historical moments with fresh perspectives. Whether exploring the nuanced intricacies of a vice president’s fall from grace or delving into the controversial actions of a vigilante in New York City, these investigative podcasts feature compelling tales that resonate deeply with contemporary issues. They don’t just tell stories; they invite you to ponder the repeating patterns of history and the complexities of human behavior. This ability to connect the past with the present and discover the layers of intriguing real-life events makes the best investigative podcasts informative and profoundly engaging.