Episode One: The Murder Murder in the Granite City

A podcast about the murder of Brenda Page

In 1978, a year after their divorce, retired scientist Christopher Harrisson was accused of murdering ex-wife Brenda Page, a genetics expert. Despite the denial, Harrisson was convicted and sentenced to a minimum 20-year prison term. His lack of emotion during the verdict was notable.
The murder case went cold in 1978 due to insufficient evidence. However, it was reopened in 2015, leading to Harrisson's arrest due to new witness accounts and DNA evidence.
The couple had separated in 1976 amidst allegations of domestic violence. Harrisson was suspected of having stalked Dr Page, contributing to her fear and discomfort.
The breakthrough in the case came 37 years later when forensic analysis linked semen found at the crime scene to Harrisson. This led to his arrest and conviction, finally providing justice for Dr Page's family.