World War II Podcasts: Epic Battles & Untold Stories

The Second World War is one of the most significant events in human history, and its impact on the world can still be felt today. For history buffs and curious listeners alike, WWII podcasts are an excellent way to dig deeper into the complexities of this global conflict. From personal accounts to in-depth analysis, there are plenty of informative and thought-provoking podcasts about World War II.

This article will highlight some of the best World War II podcasts worth adding to your playlist.

Peace In Their Time

Dive deep into the politics that shaped the run-up to WWII, and know the decisions, causes, and actions that set the stage for global conflict.

Peace In Their Time Podcast
Apple podcasts rating: /5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate duration: 30’
Number of episodes: 120+
Best for: learn politics of the major powers

The Second World War was one of the most defining moments in history. 

One episode at a time, this fantastic show brings to life the complex and ever-changing nature of the period preceding the conflict. 

Peace in their time explores the war’s diverse causes, especially the politics of the major powers, from the rise of fascism in Europe to the actions of the League of Nations. It examines the events that led to the most significant conflict in human history and its lasting impact on the world. 

So whether you’re a history buff or just curious about World War II, this podcast will thrill you.

How not to be a spy

Uncover Ireland’s role during WWII through the eyes of a Nazi spy. Based on real accounts and secret files, this docu-drama reveals espionage and double-crosses.

How not to be a spy

How not to be a spy is a two-part Docu-drama about a Nazi Spy in Ireland during World War II. His mission was to meet with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and organize a German-led invasion of Northern Ireland.
The story begins on the morning of the 5th of May 1940. A farmhand notices a suspicious figure approaching her. The conversation progresses, and things continue to unravel.
Hermann Goertz, the Nazi Spy, has outrageous plans. Based on his written accounts, this miniseries exposes the double-crosses and uncomfortable truths that the people of Ireland dealt with after an unforgiving civil war. The episodes also borrow content from recently declassified Irish and British Secret Service files and uncover Dublin’s reputation as a center for espionage.
From Goertz’s legend, you will get to learn of the role the Nazis played in Ireland and its revolution against the Crown. Based on a true story, these episodes depict and paint the part of spies as it was then.

How not to be a spy is published in the third season by Yarn, an outstanding documentary podcast produced by John Roche in its fifth season. In this show, you will find docuseries about different historical events and characters that may pass unnoticed by other publishers. The show is all about great storytelling and serious research.

History of the Second World War

Get a meticulous week-by-week breakdown of WWII, complete with expert commentary. 

History of the Second World War
Apple podcasts rating: 4.5/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate duration: 30′
Number of episodes: 160+
Best for: WWII history lovers

Wesley Livesay tells you all you want to know about the history of the Second World War. First, he analyzes the aftermath of the First World War. He then explores the events preceding the second war and the specific event(s) that set it off and finally takes you through the war itself, its end, and the year after the war. 

The History of the Second World War podcast analyzes and gives a factual representation of the war, and the host invites expert historians who give informed commentaries on the events revolving around the Second World War. In addition, some episodes are dedicated to certain significant events, such as the rearmament of Germany, The Munich agreement, and Fascism in France.

Stories of The Second World War

Listen to firsthand accounts and unique stories of WWII, interviewing historians, war veterans, and their families for a well-rounded perspective.

Stories of the Second World War
Apple podcasts rating: 4.5/5
Approximate duration: 30′
Number of episodes: 19+
Best for: Listen first-hand stories

Stories of the Second World War is a podcast that duly explores World War Two. It is hosted by Noah Tetzner, who spares no detail in this thrilling account of the war.

 Noah Tetzner does a beautiful job presenting the conflict in detail and interviews several historians. However, his guest list is not just historians; he interviews war veterans and their families. He tells unique stories and does not leave out the rarely touched topics. 

Listeners can also contact the host and give their side of the story or ask questions.

The History of WWII Podcast- by Ray Harris Jr

Obsess every detail of WWII with a chronological timeline rich in facts and figures. A go-to for those wanting an in-depth understanding.

The History of WWII Podcast- by Ray Harris Jr
Apple podcasts rating: 4.4/5
Frequency: Twice a week
Approximate duration: 30′
Number of episodes: 410+
Best for: Learn all dates and facts

Ray Harris Jr dives deep into World War II’s details in this incredible podcast. He follows the proceedings with intimate detail and gives special attention to the chronology of the events he follows dutifully. The History of WWII Podcast – by Ray Harris Jr is a great place to go if you want to follow the war chronologically. 


Experience WWII from the trenches, learning about the war through personal stories from various servicemen and women, as told through a military-centric lens.

Apple podcasts rating: 4.6/10
Frequency: Twice a month
Approximate duration: 50′
Number of episodes: 190+
Best for: Learning from a personal perspective

Are you keen on learning what the Second World War was like from a military perspective? Well, The WW2 Podcast gives listeners an unparalleled listening experience. 

The host, Angus Wallace, looks into the war from a soldier’s point of view and interrogates the war’s different aspects. He also recounts the role of various servicemen and women in the war and tells of the crucial activities they were engaged in.

The Saga of World War 2: a Casus Belli Project

A larger WWII narrative that includes all key events, causes, and actors. For those who want the bigger picture.

The Saga of World War 2: a Casus Belli Project
Apple podcasts rating: 4.7/5 
Approximate duration: 30′
Number of episodes: 50+
Best for: Understand the bigger picture

The Saga of World War 2: a Casus Belli Project is a deep and resourceful podcast that gives a laser focus on the whole of the second world war. It looks into the acts that fueled and led to the war and the main events that kept the war going from beginning to end.

Witness History: World War 2 collection

Hear real-life stories from those who lived through WWII, covering a global perspective. 

Witness History: World War 2 collection
Apple podcasts rating: 4.4/5
Frequency: Weekdays
Approximate duration: 9′
Number of episodes: 300+
Best for: Listening first-hand stories

This production from the BBC World Service gives a complete recollection of the last great war in world history. Witness History: World War 2 Collection offers a firsthand memory of the conflict and interviews over 50 directly involved individuals. 

The podcast gives stories from all over the world and covers all the countries and continents involved.

In no particular order, the above podcasts fall among the top podcasts on World War II. If you want to learn about this conflict, you are guaranteed to find at least one that suits your preferences.


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