23 best podcasts you must listen to in 2023

As technology continues to evolve, podcasts remain one of the best ways to stay informed on various topics. In 2023, the podcast world will be filled with many options, from educational and entertaining shows to ones that keep you updated on the news and the latest trends. So whether you want a listen for your daily commute or want to know what’s out there, these are the best podcasts for free you must listen to in 2023.

The rest is politics

Unpack global politics through a unique and humorous lens. A must-listen for political enthusiasts.

The rest is politics Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 45’
Number of Episodes: 92+
Best For: learn an insider’s view on politics global
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The Rest is Politics is a fascinating and thought-provoking podcast hosted by Alastair Campbell and former minister Rory Stewart. They discuss current political issues and the future of politics, offering a unique and insightful perspective on today’s world. Their conversations are always engaging and entertaining, bringing a welcomed level of humour to the topics they explore. As a result, you can expect to better understand the complexities of politics and the current state of the world. The Rest is Politics is essential to stay informed and educated on the current political climate.

The news agents

Daily news dissected by leading journalists. An insightful guide through changing times.

The news agents Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.4/5
Frequency: Every weekday
Approximate Duration: 30’
Number of Episodes: 89+
Best For: listen to an in-depth analysis of the daily news
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The News Agents is an informative and entertaining show featuring a range of topics from politics to current affairs and culture. Each episode is packed with insightful discussions that keep you engaged until the last minute. 

The hosts are top journalists: Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall. These three leading professionals bring their unique perspectives to the show while their exclusive guests offer further insight and debate. 

If you want to stay updated with the ever-changing world and better understand it, look no further.


Pop music quizzes, news, and celebrity chats. Perfect for music fans.

Popmaster Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 5/5
Frequency: Monday to Friday
Approximate Duration: 16’
Number of Episodes: 22+
Best For: Listen to Ken Bruce’s tricky music quiz
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Hosted by renowned radio presenter Ken Bruce, this unique music show features music quizzes, the latest music news, and conversations with exciting celebrity guests. Bruce’s humorous style and vast knowledge of pop music make this podcast a delight for all fans. 

Not only does Ken test the understanding of his guests and listeners with his clever quizzes, but he also provides fascinating insights into pop music. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual listener, Popmaster is sure to keep you entertained.

Football Weekly

All-encompassing football insights, from player interviews to Premier League news. A fans’ weekly staple.

Football Weekly Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 270+
Best For: Get the latest news from the Premier League and beyond
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Hosted by Max Rushden alongside Barry Glendenning and other leading football writers, Football Weekly is the go-to pod for football lovers. Each episode is filled with expert analysis, the latest news, interviews with key players and managers, and lively debates. 

Produced by The Guardian, this pod provides a comprehensive overview of football worldwide. Its humorous and relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for a casual listen. 

So if you want to know all the football scene and only have a little time, look no further.

Saving Grace

A burst of positivity and insightful chats to revitalize your week. The ultimate mid-week lift.

Saving Grace Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 38+
Best For: Listen to Grace Keeling’s WILD life
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Saving Grace is a must-listen podcast for anyone looking for an uplifting dose of positivity. GKBarry’s enthusiasm and passion for life will go through the waves of this podcast. Each episode is filled with funny passages, laughs and exciting conversations with her guests, making it a perfect Wednesday listen. 

GKBarry is a dynamic young celeb who can share all her positivity, gratitude and vitality. So whether you’re looking for a laugh or an insightful life lesson from a young and fresh person, Saving Grace is the perfect podcast to cut the week and put a little grace into your life.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success with powerful personal stories. A catalyst for personal growth.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 60’
Number of Episodes: 171+
Best For: listening to failures that teach you to be more successful
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How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is an inspiring and uplifting podcast celebrating failure’s power. Each week, journalist and writer Elizabeth Day interviews a new guest who shares their personal experiences of failure and how they overcame it. 

Through these conversations, Elizabeth and her guests discover valuable lessons that can be learned from failure. You will learn about the courage and resilience needed to succeed, and the positive impact failure can have on our lives.

Killers, Cults and Queens

Explore the eerie world of true crime, cults, and the paranormal. A thrilling, edge-of-your-seat experience.

Killers, Cults and Queens Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 55’
Number of Episodes: 17+
Best For: learn about the craziest true crime cases in history
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Cheryl Hole and Nikki Druce dive into the dark underbelly of the criminal underworld. They provide an alternative look into some of the most notorious murders and criminals in history, exploring their motivations and the events that led to their infamy. They also explore creepy paranormal stories, mysterious internet myths, plausible cults and all things bizarre. With a unique blend of humour, knowledge and raw emotion, this podcast will keep you on the edge of your seat with each gripping episode.

British Scandal

Dive into the untold stories behind Britain’s major scandals. The darker side of power laid bare.

British Scandal Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 93+
Best For: learn about the scandal of a country obsessed with gossip
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British Scandal uncovering the stories behind the darkest secrets of the British elite. 

From the Murdoch phone hacking to the Litvinenko Affair, each season digs into an outrageous affair, disclosing the cost of power and pride. Alice Levine and Matt Forde uncover the truth behind the headlines, understand why such scandals occur, and discover if anything has changed.

British Scandal is produced by Wondery, and its creators previously worked in Business Wars, American Scandal, and Even the Rich. That makes them the perfect team for this new documentary podcast, a top-quality show that has become a new sensation. 

With interviews and archival recordings, British Scandal takes the listener on an exploration of the country’s most notorious events, giving an intimate look into the lives of those caught up in the swirl of outrage. 


Comedy and current events collide for the ideal breakfast. Start your day on a cheerful note.

Chatabix Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Three times a week
Approximate Duration: 60’
Number of Episodes: 295+
Best For: laugh and have fun
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Every weekday, Joe Wilkinson & David Earl discuss various topics in their unique and entertaining style. With special guests and regular contributors, they’re sure to keep you entertained with their hilarious Chatabix. 

From classic comedy skits to current affairs and trending topics, Chatabix is the perfect breakfast show to start your day with a smile. 

Fighting Talk

A hilarious contest that merges sports knowledge and wit. Who will be this week’s champion?

Fighting Talk Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 7+
Best For: Listen a hilarious look at the volatile world of sport
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Fighting Talk is a hilarious, lighthearted look at the world of sports on BBC Radio 5 live. Panellists compete to be crowned champion of the week by providing the most informed and witty sports commentaries. Sports, media, and comedy guests come together to offer an entertaining and informative weekend show. 

Hosted by the funny and knowledgeable Colin Murray, Fighting Talk will bring plenty of laughs. Each Saturday, Murray shows he knows his way around the sports world. After an hour of hilarious outbursts, this show will surely leave you in stitches. 

Stephen Fry’s Edwardian Secrets

Stephen Fry takes you through the Edwardian era’s hidden corners. Historical gems brought to life.

Stephen Fry's Edwardian Secrets Podcast
Audible Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Audible Series
Approximate Duration: 36’
Number of Episodes: 8+
Best For: Learn discover the fascinating, sometimes bizarre, and often hidden histories of the Edwardian Age.
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Join Stephen Fry as he explores the Edwardian era. Through a dozen 35 minutes episodes, you’ll discover the fascinating, sometimes bizarre, and often hidden histories of the Edwardian Age. 

From the changing role of women, the growth of global trade and the mystery of Jack the Ripper, Stephen Fry takes you on a journey through this rapid scientific and social change period. 

Along the way, the podcast talks about sexuality, the magic of the movies, spies and detectives and more. You’ll discover all the exciting changes of this period, from the aeroplane invention to psychoanalysis birth. 

Stephen Fry is a prominent actor, comedian and writer. In each episode of Stephen Fry’s Edwardian Secrets, he shows that he is also the finest storyteller of our time.

So, whether you are a history buff or just curious about the Edwardian era, join Stephen Fry on his journey of discovery as he uncovers the secrets of this fascinating time.

LuAnna: The Podcast

Lively discussions on weekly hot topics with a comedic edge. Your virtual coffee chat with friends.

LuAnna: The Podcast Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Twice a week
Approximate Duration: 40’
Number of Episodes: 309+
Best For: laugh over the week’s topical stories
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Every Monday and Thursday, Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson give their open views on the latest topics of the week. With their humour and wit, Luisa and Anna will have you laughing and engaged from start to finish.

So, whether you’re looking for the latest gossip or a deep conversation about current events, LuAnna: The Podcast has it all.

There’s no such thing as being too much on this podcast! You can also be part of the conversation by sharing anecdotes and ideas. Join LuAnna: The Podcast and prepare for lively discussions with two of your best friends.

Happy Place 

Unlock the secrets of happiness with Fearne Cotton. Weekly heart-to-hearts with icons offer soulful epiphanies.

Happy Place Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 60’
Number of Episodes: 204+
Best For: Listen incredible people about their life, love, loss, and everything in-between
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Every Monday, Fearne Cotton talks for one hour with her guests about one hour about what happiness means to them, but also about deep crucial feelings such as life, love or loss. Her guest list includes wonderful people such as Robbie Williams, Brené Brown, Mel Robbins and Ian Wright.

Through her conversations, Fearne Cotton will discover what happiness means to each of her guests. From famous faces to everyday people, she explores how different people achieve and experience happiness. You’ll hear stories of resilience, courage, and strength as her guests share their unique life journeys. Cotton also reflects on her own experiences, discussing the highs and lows in her life and how she has found her own happiness. 

If you’re looking for an inspiring and uplifting podcast, then Happy Place is a perfect choice. 


BBC’s unfiltered lens on Ukraine’s conflict. Gripping narratives and expert analysis—be at the pulse of the frontline.

Ukrainecast Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Twice a week
Approximate Duration: 30’
Number of Episodes: 167+
Best For: Learn the latest from the Russian invasion of Ukraine
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Ukrainecast is a podcast from the BBC exploring the current conflict in Ukraine. The podcast goes beyond the headlines to bring listeners stories from the frontline. Still, it discusses everyday life in Ukraine today and touches on the Ukrainian diaspora and the national identity struggles. 

The hosts of this podcast are veteran BBC news correspondents, including Gabriel Gatehouse and Victoria Derbyshire, which means we are in the most trustworthy hands. Additionally, each episode features interviews with experts, newsmakers, and ordinary Ukrainians.

You can expect to hear an analysis of current events, political debates, and the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Archers Omnibus

Step into Ambridge, a world as rich as reality. Sundays offer a can’t-miss roundup of this storied radio drama.

The Archers Omnibus Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 65’
Number of Episodes: 5+
Best For: Learn the week’s events in Ambridge
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The Archers Omnibus podcast is a weekly podcast that brings you the best of the Archers, the world’s longest-running radio drama series. Every Sunday, you can listen to the highlights from the previous week’s shows, special interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and more. 

This podcast will keep you updated on all the latest goings-on in Ambridge, the fictional village at the show’s heart. You’ll hear from the cast, writers, producers, and directors as they discuss the characters, storylines, and more. 


Time-travel through empires that shaped history. An exciting recount of the rise, glory, and fall in compelling seasons.

Empire Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 45’
Number of Episodes: 26+
Best For: Learn the stories, personalities and events of empire over the course of history.
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From the Mughals in India to the Ottomans in Turkey, the Romans in Europe and the British in America, empires played a significant role in history. Empire looks at how these great powers were formed, how they flourished and how they ultimately declined.

Historian William Dalrymple and biographer and broadcaster Anita Anand take you on a journey through the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires. Each season features around twenty 50-minute episodes and focuses on one historical case. The first one revolved around the East Indian Company, and the second one was about the Ottoman empire. Both are outstanding, and we can not wait to learn more about politics and power.

Through interviews with leading historians, they examine how each empire has left its mark on the world and how the legacies of these ancient powers still affect us today. 


Transform your walk into a journey of the mind. A mobile masterclass in life.

Stompcast Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 20’
Number of Episodes: 68+
Best For: transform Our mind and body through the simple act of walking
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Stompcast helps you get out and explore the world one step at a time. With a great idea, this podcast is designed to listen while doing an activity or walking around. This is an excellent concept since we all listen to podcasts while doing something else, like commuting or doing groceries. But why not go for a leisurely and healthy walk? Thanks for your inspiration, Alex!

With each weekly episode split into three 20 minutes parts, you can listen along as you take three short stomps or one long one. Episodes are released on Monday, so you are well-equipped for the week.

Each episode features inspiring and thought-provoking conversations Between Dr Alex George and his guests. They go together for a walk with their mic on. Their talks go wherever the stomp takes them

You will be engaged from the first minute with their life stories and backgrounds. They can go from the crashing waves at the seaside to the forest sounds and the breeze passing through the leaves. 

The Rest Is History

Serve history you’ll crave. Unearth humanity’s pivotal moments in snackable, daily episodes.

The Rest Is History Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Twice a week
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 316+
Best For: Learn the entirety of human history
Listen now

Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook explore the past and what it can tell us about the present. You will learn something new with each daily episode of The Rest is History. Every day, you will listen to a different topic from the entirety of human history, from ancient Rome to the Cold War. 

The hosts are renowned historians who know how to communicate even the most complicated topics to a broader audience. Episodes last around 50 minutes, but you will be hooked from the first one and surprised once they finish. 

Conversations are insightful, entertaining and informative. So whether you’re a history buff or trying to better understand the present, this show will captivate you with its engaging storytelling, historical analysis, and thought-provoking conversations. 

Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

Unlock success secrets from industry titans. Probing conversations are pure gold for the ambitious.

Big Fish with Spencer Matthews Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 40’
Number of Episodes: 9+
Best For: Learn to find out what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and be the best at what they do.
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This podcast is about understanding what it takes to succeed and how the right midframe is vital. In each episode, Spencer Matthews, the founder of the UK’s largest independent non-alcoholic brand, CleanCo, talks for 40 minutes with inspiring CEOs, visionary entrepreneurs, creative designers and other high performers. One episode at a time, they will uncover their secrets to success. 

Matthews knows firsthand the challenges of leaving behind a destructive lifestyle and building a business from the ground up. He’ll be asking his guests about the successes and failures they’ve experienced, the challenges they’ve faced, and the strategies they’ve used to overcome obstacles and come out on top. 

Each weekly episode is informative and inspiring, making Big Fish a must-listen for all entrepreneurs.

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

Elevate your well-being game. Break health myths and embrace life hacks, all weekly.

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 90’
Number of Episodes: 324+
Best For: Learn to improve our health
Listen now

This podcast is a must-listen for those who feel overwhelmed and confused about their health, what’s true, what’s not and how to take care of it. Hosted by the renowned Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Feel Better, Live More is a weekly show that simplifies the complexity of health. 

Top health experts, thrilling personalities, and authors join Dr Chatterjee to provide easy health hacks and discuss typical health myths. 

With nearly 20 years of experience as a GP, several books published and starring in BBC 1’s Doctor In the House, Dr Chatterjee is the right person to help you improve your lifestyle. You will learn the best practices to eat, sleep, move, and relax, to take control of your well-being and ultimately, feel better and live more. 

If Books Could Kill 

Beyond the cover—reveal what bestsellers really say about us. Literary decoding for the modern reader.

If Books Could Kill Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 50’
Number of Episodes: 6+
Best For: Listen the stories that have made us think, cry and question the nature of reality
Listen now

Michael Hobbes & Peter Shamshiri look at the stories that have made us think, cry and question the nature of reality… while killing time. Yes, they focus on airport bestsellers. They review one book in each episode, analyzing its impact on our lives, and its place in our culture. 

In addition, each book analysis talks about the power of narrative, the evolution of the publishing industry, the ethical implications of popular literature, and the impact of books on our collective experience.

The show will help you make informed choices regarding what you read and give you a more prosperous, profound understanding of the books you love. 

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake

Plan the perfect celebrity ‘exit strategy’. A delightful yet haunting look at life’s final chapter.

Where There's A Will, There's A Wake Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 40’
Number of Episodes: 12+
Best For: Listen the perfect death of the celebrity guests
Listen now

In each weekly episode, Kathy Burke, comedian and actor, will chat with a celebrity guest to help them plan their perfect death. From where to spend their last hours, to what to wear, to who gets the inheritance and beyond. 

They’ll also take a peek into the afterlife, death’s funny and often uncomfortable realities and how to make the most of death and, why not, life. 

Where There’s A Will, There’s a Wake is a unique show consisting of 40-minute episodes filled with thought-provoking conversations and sweet and sour moments. 

Staying Relevant

Navigate the slippery slope of fame. Monday humour meets the untold struggles of celebrity life.

Staying Relevant Podcast
Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9/5
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 40’
Number of Episodes: 9+
Best For: learn more about the world of celebrity
Listen now

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks explore the wild and sometimes wacky world of fame.

Every Monday, they’ll look at all the things that happen in the media, especially those that don’t go as planned. And they ask, what does it take to stay on top of the game and in the public eye? They won’t stop there, though.
Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks also talk to special guests who happen to be celebrities, too, learning firsthand what it takes to be famous. Conversations are hilarious and filled with anecdotes about all a person can do to feel they are Staying Relevant. This ultimate comedy podcast combines the best humour with fame and decadence.

We hope this list has given you a few ideas of what to tune into in 2023. With so many great free podcasts, you’re sure to find something that’ll keep you entertained and informed. So, start exploring and find some new listens today!


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